The siberian cat: an hypoallergenic breed

The Siberian cat is a magnificent specimen: strong, masculine, shrewd, with abundant and medium long hair, witty and deep eyes. This feline is special because of its beauty and its close connection to the wild cat: it is the son of a natural selection between the latter and a specimen of domestic cat brought to Siberia by the early settlers. It also has other reasons to be renowned: it produces minimal amount of the Fel D1 protein , responsible for frequent allergies to the fur. That’s why it is known as the hypoallergenic cat .

What is the allergy to the cats?

Cat hair allergy is a phenomenon that can affect everyone, both in infancy and in adulthood. Those who suffer often are forced to give up the company of mics. The cause of the allergy lies in a protein called Fel D, produced by the sebaceous glands and contained in the cat’s saliva . Such protein, through the toilet to which the feline is subjected daily, settles on the hair that becomes a transmitter: the allergen is therefore contained in the saliva and the hair of the cat is only the medium through which it spreads!

The advantage of the Siberian cat

Unlike other cats , the Siberian breed contains a very low amount of protein responsible for the allergy . These are the latest research at the University of California to explain it: it is certain that this breed is almost unaffected by the ability to produce the Fel D1. Other tests went even further: According to the tests conducted by the Indoor Biotechnologies laboratory in Virginia (Usa), the Siberian male cat produces on average 2,000 mg of Fel D1 against the 62,000 of the common cat. Instead, the Siberian cat female produces only 205 mg.

The dream of cat lovers suffering from allergy

The pleasure of living with a feline is therefore not blocked by anyone! We recommend, however, to make preventive meetings with Siberian cats . In fact, although in small quantities, the protein is still present: subjects particularly sensitive to the allergy may still experience discomfort.
It is also advisable to turn to serious and referenced breeders who give the certainty that they surely have the fascinating Siberian pure breed .

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