15 Cat cafes around Europe

We selected 15 best cat cafes around Europe for cat lovers, where it will be easy to loose the cognition of time while enjoying a calm and balanced brace surrounded by your favorite pets.

Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome Let’s start with Rome: the Romeow Cat Bistrot is a refined and welcoming place, both for those who have four legs and for those who have two. The bistro, populated by beautiful resident cats, is open from morning till night and reinterprets the concept of Japanese cat cafes, offering its guests a delicious and original vegan cuisine that enhances the flavors thanks to the quality of the products used. Better to book first, because the place is often crowded.



The Café des Chats, Paris Indolent and mischievous, just like a cat, Paris is a city that knows how to surprise also when talking about of cat cafe. The Café des Chats will spellbind visitors in amagical way: the bohèmien atmosphere, the great french cheesecakes, the herbal teas and of course, the wonderful cats.


Crazy Cat Café, Milan Let’s go to Milan to have a visit to the Crazy Cat Café, a paradise for those who love felines and great deserts, where cute cats will purr next to you while you take a beer and talk with friends. A purrfect place to relax before facing the fast speed of this city life.


Café Neko, Vienna, Austria Opening in 2012 after three years of wrangling with the local authorities, Café Neko was Europes very furrst (sorry) cat café from which the wave of such feline hosted places spread accross the continent. The five cats have all been adopted from a local animal shelter, and can now enjoy a life of climbing, scratching table leg and being petted if they so desire. The coffee is roasted, the cakes are homemade, Japanese tea and fresh juice are available as well.


Kattencafé Poeslief, Groningen, Netherlands Reading, relaxing and pampering magnificent cats. In Groningen, the beautiful university town in the North of the Netherlands, there is the ideal place to do so, the Kattencafé Poeslief , which will make you forget everyday problems at least for a while. Whether there is rain or sunshine outside, entering here will be like jumping in a parallel dimension: how many will return to real life?


Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium instantly strikes anyone who comes in with its carefully groomed details together with the various activities guests can bask in.


Cat Cafè Budapest, Hungary Perfectly tailored for cat lovers, the Hungarian Cat Café in Budapest offers a cool and fun atmosphere where is possible to admire its 13 cats who live in the bar, seamlessly and elegantly roam around, climb on the shelves or nap on your table keeping you company. You will be pleased with delicious pastries and herbal teas. Then, outside, there is Budapest, regal and beautiful, waiting for your visit.


Cat Café Kačių Kavinė, Vilnius, Lithuania opened in 2014 with 10 shelter cats ahead and it was the first in North East Europe. The original plan to offer a selection of rare breeds was soon scrapped in favor of operating as a charitable enterprise, with rescue cats and a portion of profit going right back to local sanctuaries. Situated in the heart of the Old Town now it is home for 15 resident cats which will greet you at the door and lead you to your table sneaking a chance to closely inspect your anattended bags. At the end of your stay some even follow you to the door and glance at the window inviting to visit again soon.


Neko Café, Turin Let’s go back to Italy and go to Turin. The city of Savoy is beautiful from every point of view and full of interesting places to explore, just as the Neko Café. This welcoming cat cafe, which has recently changed its address, was born with the aim of giving a roof to abandoned cats and organizing meetings and debates to raise public awareness regarding homless animal issue. Having a good coffee while chit chatting with your friends and caressing a soft kitten is the winning recipe of the Neko café.


The Gatoteca, Madrid It seems that happiness is tasted with a cookie between the teeth and a cat on the legs to cuddle. If you are in Madrid, the welcoming and lively Spanish capital, happiness is right at your fingertips. In La Gatoteca , which is very close to the Reina Sofia Museum, you will find an ideal corner for a break and a lot of cats to keep you company, if you want to take one home with you you are welcome.


Kissakahvila Helsinki, Helsinki The therapeutic virtues of cats, well-known in the East for centuries, are also worthy of attention in Northern Europe. Kissakahvila Helsinki a home of six beautiful cat breeds, is the ideal place to discover magical power of purring and soft fur.


Kattencafe Kopjes, Amsterdam The Kattencafe Kopjes of Amsterdam is a delightful refuge to land and warm yourself after exploring the city. To make it all more magical there will be ruffian, magnetic and beautiful cats to greet you. It is not important if that you are a cat lover, just curious or even skeptical, you just have to come in to experience this place it might change your perspective.


Pee Pees Katzencafe, Berlin In the lively and sparkling Berlin there is the beautiful and romantic Pee Pees Katzencafe in shabby chic style. Here are two wonderful kittens to company the guests while they taste a slice of fantastic homemade cake or buy precious handcrafted items for sale in the cafe.


MiaGola Café, Turin The first cat cafe in Italy. MiaGola Café was created in Turin with the idea of ​​educating people to respect animals cats in particular, obviously. The space of all cafe is organised to let people feel as a comunity and let cats roam free to whoever they wish to stroke to. There are many events organised in the cafe. You will be offered to taste a delicious vegan and vegetarian cuisine and if you find something you like from jewels inspired by your four-legged friends you are given the chance to purcase it.


Miau Café, Warsaw We end this list with Poland, a land of enchantments and beauties. The capital city Warsaw hosts one of the gems of the country: the Miau Café. A cozy spot where you can warm yourself from the cold winter temperatures in a furry and relaxed atmosphere and enjoy some deserts along the way.


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