Fat cats: tips to make them lose weight

First of all, you have to understand how to determine whether the cat is overweight or not.

Looking at the cat from above, you have to see the well-defined waist between the rib cage and hip; if the curves of the hips are not visible, it’s time to put your cat on a diet.

Be careful not to confuse the primordial bag with obesity; the primordial bag is the belly portion located under the belly between the back legs of the cat, while fat acumlates on the sides of the belly.

Cat obesity can lead to serious health problems such as: diabetes mellitus, heart and respiratory conditions, hormone dysfunction, bone problems and liver damages.

First advice would be to keep yourself from giving your pet extra food from your table. If you really want to treat your cat to something special mix kitty treats in a balanced diet regime.

For cats there are commercially available food of every kind as well as for specific needs. In fact, there is a huge variety of both kibble and wet food for obese cats. On most of pet food bags there are indications on how much food to give depending on the size and age of your cat so always make sure to follow the right dosage for optimal results.

The obese cat is usually sedentary and it is not easy to change its habits. However, we can try to provoke it for a play time with interactive toys and other objects that capture its curiosity. Even a short 10-15 min activity helps a huge deal in keeping your cat fit and healthy as well as strenghtening the bond between you and your pet.

In any case, it is always advisable to consult your trusted vet who, after a check on your feline, may advise on the most suitable food regime.

By experience, the most important thing is to be rather inflexible regarding your pets food. Cats lack thumbs to open the refrigerator or help themselves with secured food alone, they need us to help. So do not be illuded: the cats will always try to make you feel guilty, using their softest meowings and languid eyes. You, however, have to be persistent and do not give in.

Do not forget that the goal is to keep your lovely cat healthy.

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